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Yo, let's talk legal matters, it's no joke,

From California gun laws to underbody lights, we'll cover it all, no need to fight.

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California gun laws, do they hold up?

Or do legal loopholes make you wanna throw up?

How long can a company wait to bill you?

Is there a legal time limit that they gotta go through?

Agreement thesaurus, for those tricky legal terms,

Helps you understand, no need to squirm,

Brightest headlights allowed by law,

Don't wanna break the rules, that's what we saw.

The rate law chemistry, reaction rates and kinetics,

We'll break it down for you, no gimmicks,

Fragrance rules and IP laws,

Legal matters, no need for applause.

Selling call option contracts? We got you covered,

Legal aid in Oneonta, NY? No need to be smothered,

Are underbody lights legal? Let's find out,

Stay on the right side of the law, no need to pout.